Broad band

The broadband bill can be paid online from your existing bank account as almost all private sector and nationalised banks offer this facility for their esteemed customers.

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Mobile phone

There are many mobile phone service providers that offer special privileges for online bill payers. You can view the mobile phone bill first and then pay it if you find it appropriate.

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DTH services have brought a big revolution in the entertainment industry. You can make the payment for the DTH bill at your convenience without standing in long queues.

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Have you ever been charged late payment charges for non-payment of bills? Have you ever been frustrated standing in long queues for paying the utility bills? Have you ever waited in front of utility bill payment window for more than an hour just because it was lunch hour? If reply to all these questions is yes then the utility banking is the perfect suit for you. With the help of these utility banking, you can pay your utility bills online without waiting in queue for hours. You would never face late payment issues as you will get timely alerts for the bill payment. You can avail this service from the bank with which you already have an account. The service is offered by all nationalised and private sector banks. We will get you the best utility options that will make your life easier.

The utility bills can be paid through online banking option. In this option you can view the monthly utility bill before paying it. You can pay your electricity bill, mobile bill, DTH bill, broadband bill or other such bills. The bill can be first viewed online and if you find it correct then you can pay the bill through online banking. The bill will be paid directly from your bank account. Another option for the Utility bill payment is the payment with the help of auto pay option. This auto payment option will make your bill payments automatically from your bank account as soon as it is generated. You can set the upper limit for the bill payment so that you can check the undue payments from your account. The bank will in no case make payment exceeding the upper limit set by you. The bills above the upper limit will be paid only after your consent. You can avail this utility bill payment service even by applying online with us.

We will forward your application to the concerned bank without wasting further time. You can add as many bills as you want to add. The procedure for adding the payee is very simple and consumes no time. If your bank would not accept the online application then our executives will make sure that the hard copy of your application reaches the respective bank. You may save lot of time by subscribing to this Utility bill payment option. The main advantage of this service is that you can make the payment 24 hours of day and 365 days a year.