Saving Account

The saving account is the most common type of account that most of the individuals may be holding. The saving account is not the permanent investment option but it offers the savings for your salary and other incomes. The account holder can deposit his savings into this account as per his convenience. This type of account offers maximum liquidity and security. The concept of saving account came into existence with the idea of providing safe option for keeping your funds. The account holder can withdraw the funds anytime through cheque or ATM. The bank ATMs are now located almost in every part of India to offer the ultimate convenience to its customers. The savings account will not just take care of your funds but it will also offer interest on your funds. The interest would not be as good as that offered on other long term investments. The rate of interest is decided by Government of India and would be reviewed periodically.

Any individual can open a saving account on his sole name or the joint names can also be added to the account. The saving account is offered by all private sector and nationalised banks. We will offer you the detailed comparison of the Saving Account offered by various banks. You can check the minimum balance required for the account offered by each bank so as to avail the account as per your requirement. It is advisable that you also check the penalty in case you are unable to maintain the minimum balance. If you are looking for multi location banking then also we will offer you the best options. Check for the penalty in return of cheque. We will get you all the details at one place. You may check for the charges you need to pay to avail an extra cheque book and also the number of cheque books offered for free per year. All these details make a big difference at the time of opening an account. Hence, we will help you compare all these aspects for all nationalised and private sector banks. This comparison will allow you to make right choice at right time.

If you have made your decision clear then you can submit an e-application with us. We will forward your application of Saving Account to the concerned bank. If required we will submit the hard copy to the concerned bank. We have negotiated the maximum benefits with the banks and you can avail these benefits by applying through us.