Protect yourself against credit card fraud with these tested tips

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Credit card frauds have become quite common as mostly people use credit card at various big and small shopping joints. The use of credit card is quite prevalent for shopping at saloons, grocery stores, super markets, fuel stations and most commonly for online shopping. The use of credit card has made life easier for the shoppers but at the same time it has increased the risk of fraudulent use of credit card by hackers. You can’t stop using your credit card because of this risk but yes you may check the following tips to protect yourself against any fraud.

Register your details

Credit card companies do ask for the mobile and email registration but very few card holders take it seriously. If you are committing the same mistake then make sure that you register your details today as this will enable the credit card company to send you the details of transactions. If your mobile is registered with the card provider then you may immediately get the SMS if any transaction takes place on your card.

Verification code online

Mostly the card issuers have come up with verification code for completion of transaction. This code is unique 4 digit code that is known only to the card holder and not written anywhere else. This is the only part of the transaction where the details are not given on the card. If you don’t have the verification code then get one today for secured payment.

Virtual Keyboard

When opting for online transactions, make sure you use the virtual keypad as long as available as this will reduce the chances of fraud. The secured payment gateways offered by reputed eCommerce websites may have virtual keyboard for hassle free transactions.

What to do in case of fraud?

Even after undertaking all the necessary steps for secured payment, you come across fraud then the first thing you need to do is file a complaint. As per the credit card laws, the card issuer may not be liable for any sort of frauds. The card holder will also be free of liabilities if he files a complaint immediately after the fraud or after the theft of card. Thus, the registration of mobile works as the best way to be alert about the transactions as it will nullify the surprises.

Now, with this quick protection tips you can use your credit card without any risk.

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