The mortgage is an essential part of a developing country. When people buy homes, cars or other expensive stuffs, then funding is always a problem. It is not possible to save the entire amount first and then buy the house at cash payment. Hence, mortgage has become the popular means for raising the funds for such investments. With the entry of foreign institutional investors in to the country, the mortgage market has come in to a standard structure to help the future citizens. The mortgage can be availed at fixed mortgage rate as well at floating mortgage rate. The fixed mortgage rate remains constant throughout the mortgage term that gets decides at the time of availing loan. The fixed mortgage will not face any affects due to the market conditions. The floating rate mortgage will change as per the market conditions. The floating rate mortgage has the benefit of reduction in the interest rate if the market lending rate reduces. Nevertheless, at the same time it is risky, as the interest rate will increase considerably if the market lending rate increases.

The mortgage can be availed as land mortgage, residential mortgage, commercial mortgage, interest only mortgage, first time buyer mortgage and many other such mortgages. Several leading banks, housing finance companies and non-banking financial companies provide mortgages.  The commercial as well as co-operative banks provide the mortgage facility. The reverse mortgage is now available in the country (recent introduction).  It is still not very popular in India but many other countries popularly use this type of Mortgage. The reverse mortgage will mortgage the owned property and will provide finance against it. The retired persons in need of money can mortgage their personal property to receive the considerable funds to be useful after retirement. The commercial mortgage is available for all types of commercial undertakings. The residential mortgage can be availed to purchase a new house. With the help of Mortgage calculator, you can calculate the affordable EMI and mortgage requirement. The mortgage calculator will make your task easier as you can fix your monthly outgo as per your budget.

You can take the online quotes of all the banks, non-banking financial companies and housing finance companies. The quotes are comparable in online to find the best Mortgage available. We will help you get the quotes from all the mortgage providers. Our experts will help you select the best mortgage plan.