Loan Against Securities

The instant liquidity of funds may be required in varied circumstances. It would be really difficult to avail personal loan or any other kind of loan in emergency. The credit record and other verifications may take time if you opt for any such loans. The banks have therefore come up with loans like gold loan, loan against property or loan against securities. The loan against securities is readily available as it won’t ask for too much verification. The loan against securities is the type of loan that is offered when you pledge some of your security holdings. The procedure is also very simple as you just need to pledge your securities and the loan will be yours. Usually, the bank offers the overdraft facility against the securities. You are also provided the current account. This current account can be used for deposits and withdrawals as per your requirement. The interest rate is also considerably good in this case.

The interest is charged only for the amount withdrawn if the overdraft facility is offered. There are many types of securities recognized by the banks. The securities like mutual fund units, insurance policies, Demat shares, exchange traded funds (ETF), savings bonds, fixed maturity plans (FMP) and NSC/KVP are accepted as the security. The loan is offered by all nationalised and private sector banks. The loan amount will be decided as per the percentage of the security amount. This may also differ from bank to bank. You can compare the Loan Against Securities offered by various banks. The online comparison of interest as well as terms and conditions is possible. You can find the best lender by going through the websites of all the banks. If you don’t want to do that then we will help you compare the loan against securities offered by various banks. You can get the online quotes of all the reputed banks from our website. We will help you compare the rate of interest too. The lowest interest rate with the most customer friendly terms and conditions is the best option.

You can provide your details on our e-application section and we will forward your request to the desired bank. We will make sure that you get the Loan Against Securities at the interest rate lower than the market rate while dealing through us. We have negotiated the lowest interest rates with all the reputed banks to get you the maximum benefit.