Pure Term Assurance Plan

Star Union Dai Chi Pure Term Assurance Plan is the basic term plan that offers life coverage at competitive premium rates.

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Defined Benefit Endowment Plan

Defined Benefit Endowment Plan offers an opportunity to build future income to meet for multiple purposes either unknown or planned.

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Dhan Suraksha

Dhan Suraksha is a unit linked insurance plan which combines life cover with four great investment options.

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Prabhat Tara

Star Union Dai Ichi Prabhat Tara - 3 is a unit linked child plan that protects your child's future along with protecting your own life.

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Money Back Plan

Money Back Plan is a type 2 ULIP policy plan that offers Sum Assured and Fund Value as a Death benefit.

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Star Union Dai -ichi

A joint venture between Union Bank of India, Bank of India and a leading insurance company of Japan named The Dai--ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company came forward to establish Star Union Dai-ichi. The ultimate aim of this company is to provide better and cheaper insurance plans. While emerging as a popular company has formed transparent and fair customer service. The company has consistent track record of introducing customer friendly policy and beneficial insurance plans.

The need of every individual will be served through the products of Star Union Dai-ichi. Group insurance is catered by the company which covers higher insurance at low cost. This platform of group insurance is very much useful for those individuals who are looking for the insurance at lower price. A group of employees of an organization or any type of association will be served through this type of insurance. Group term insurance products also cover the risk of your liquidating assets of the debt or loan. Riders will be provided with this group insurance product and they will supply the add-on benefits for the base cover. Two types of riders are available with the company which includes group critical illness benefit rider and group accident death and dismemberment benefit rider. The riders will not just offer the sum assured after the death of the insured but it will also pay for the treatment of critical illness.

Insurance products for every individual are also available where they will get the security for their family. Every family may come across the uncertainties in life like critical illness or some special events where they may need financial support like -ichild’s education or marriage. Hence to provide safeguard against such situations, Star Union Dai-ichi has come up with these individual policies to serve the community better. Unit linked life insurance plans are also served through Star Union Dai-ichi. Different options are available which can cover your risk profile, so select the one which goes with your requirement well. Your post retirement life can also be planned with the help of annuity plan. Regular amount of saving while working will help in enjoying the life even after retirement.

Fund performance and NAV value of each plan have been mentioned on the official website of the company. With the help of NAV graph, you can judge the proper fund where you will get surplus amount in the form of returns.