Sahara Kavach

Sahara Kavach comes with affordable and low premium. This policy from Sahara India Life is a pure life coverage policy.

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Sahara Amar Jeevan

Sahara Amar Jeevan is perfect pension policy to plan retired life by saving into small amounts during working period.

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Sahara Umang

Sahara Umang is a savings plan with additional advantage of life coverage with guaranteed and maturity cash inflow.

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Sahara Utkarsh

Sahara Utkarsh is the ULIP by Sahara Life that offers higher returns over the term of the policy.

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Sahara Sampann

Sahara Sampann is the money back insurance policy. It offers guaranteed returns at timely intervals.

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Sahara India Life

Sahara India life insurance is the first India based insurance company established in 2004. Different insurance plans along with different payment options have been offered by the company. While choosing life insurance plans you can take the help of insurance advisors of the company. The insurance advisor will not just guide you about the policy details but will also get you through the documentation part as well as all other formalities.

While providing cover for your financial ups and downs, Sahara India Life introduces different insurance plans to take care of your finances as well as cover for your life. All the insurance plans introduced by the company are very flexible and they also give tax benefits. Endowment assurance plans are available with and without profit. Endowment assurance plan without profit are specially designed for those with limited resources. Sahara India Life has also introduced money back plans which are again distributed in different classes. You can go through the details mentioned about each plan where you can choose the one which suits your needs. Money back policies return some particular amount at regular intervals. You can plan your major financial decisions based on these regular pay outs. The child’s education, wedding and other such events can be financed from these pay outs. Term assurance is another type of insurance plan introduced by the company. In this type of plan you can cover larger risk by paying lower premiums. While planning your retired life you can choose available pension schemes. The pension schemes enable the customer to save the small amount of money during their working period which can be used at the time of their retirement. You can avail this pension scheme at the early stage of your life so as to save more till retirement.

Unit linked plans offered by the company depend on the market conditions of equity market. The company helps to fetch higher returns and they also achieve all the objectives of the buyer associated with the policy. Group insurance is another type of insurance offered for the customers who will not be able to save enough to protect themselves against uncertainties of life. Group insurance will be shared by the nominees of the member in case of policy holder’s demise. Toll free number mentioned on the official website of the company will help you to get the detailed information. Better flexibility and different options to pay the premium includes electronic clearing service which will be more convenient.