Anmol Jeevan I

LIC Anmol Jeevan term insurance policy is appropriate for the young crowd who wants to protect their dependents from possible eventualities.

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Pension Plus

LIC pension plus offers maximum guarantee on gross premium paid. This plan comes without any life cover. 

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Endowment Assurance Policy

The features of LIC Endowment Assurance Policy are moderate premiums, high bonus, high liquidity and its savings oriented. 

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Money Back Plan 20

LIC Money Back Plan 20 offers periodic payments during the tenure of the policy as long as the policy-holder is alive.

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Endowment Plus

LIC Endowment Plus offers a unit linked insurance plan. LIC offers this policy with four investment fund choice.

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Jeevan Anurag

Jeevan Anurag Plan is a plan specifically designed to take care of the children's further education as well as future necessities.

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Lic Jeevan Arogya

Jeevan Arogya is a health insurance policy which offers health insurance coverage against specific health risks and with timely support.

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Life Insurance Corporation

LIC is the largest public sector company in India. It is serving millions of lives from more than 52 years. The company offers wide range of comprehensive life insurance policies with view to offer the best to the economically and socially backward classes as well as to the rural area. LIC offers various individual and group suitable plans which can fit all your requirements. This insurance company works with the object to spread life insurance widely in every part of country and provide adequate financial cover for death at a low cost. They work with a mission to explore as well as enhance the quality of life of the customers through financial security with competitive returns.

LIC has launched many customer orientated insurance plans to make them financially independent in different times. Jeevan Arogya health insurance plan offers cover against health risks and provides you valuable financial protection in surgery or hospitalization. This insurance company offers plans for handicapped dependents such as Jeevan Aadhar and Jeevan Vishwas with life insurance cover. These plans are specially designed for the profit of handicapped persons. The company offers Jeevan Bharati policy exclusively for women. This profit plan offers so many benefits such as critical illness benefit, accident benefit and congenital disability benefit for the women.

LIC offers different money back plans and you will get survival benefits at the end of the request period. The important feature of these plans is that in the case of death during policy period, dependents will get full sum assured. Jeevan Sathi plan is especially for the husband and wife. This plan offers financial protection to both. This policy pays the assured sum on survival of both or one lives after the maturity period. The whole life policy pays sum assured as well as bonus on the death of policy holder.

LIC offers child plans to take care of their educational needs. Child plans like Jeevan Anurag, Jeevan Kishor, Komal Jeevan, Jeevan Chhaya and many more offer assured benefits as well as death benefits. Pension plans like Pension plus, Jeevan Nidhi and Jeevan Akshay gaze into your future as well as provide financial stability at the old age. These plans secure life after retirement and provide annuity for life in the case of death of the annuitant to the dependents. This insurance company offers unit plans to yield rich benefits for your savings and also help to save taxes. LIC is committed to serve the people of nation with best customer service with the help of dedicated and well trained staff.