Ing Term Life

ING Term Life policy plan is a Term Plan with return of premiums. ING Vyasya offers this policy to anyone from 18 to 65 years of age.

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Ing New Best Years

ING new best years policy from ING Vysya provides capital guarantee as well as safety net for retirement corpus.

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Reassuring Life Endowment Plan

The Reassuring Life Endowment Plan is amongst unique policies from ING Vysya that provides reversionary bonus.

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Safal Jeevan Endowment Plan

Safal Jeevan is an endowment plan that offers comprehensive protection and savings.

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Uttam Jeevan

Uttam Jeevan is a unique plan which is unit linked plan that will help you in your future to fulfill all your dreams.

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Child Plan

This insurance plan offered by ING Vysya offers protection and security to a child's future.

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Immediate Annuity Plan

ING Vysya has come up with immediate annuity plan which has a lot of features and key benefits.

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ING Vysya

ING Vysya insurance company is private insurance company and has issued more than one million policies in ten years. This company is serving its customers with the help of more than 6500 well trained staff in 229 cities and across 251 branch offices. ING Vysya offers plans and policies including ULIP, financial investment planning, pension, retirement, protection and savings. They believe in providing innovative insurance products to the customers with the opportunity and knowledge to manage their future smoothly as well as easily. The company drives its business with the values of trustworthiness, optimism and transparency. Their product portfolio caters to any financial requirement at any stage of life.

ING Vysya offers variety of group insurance plans such as Smart Shield, Group Gratuity and Employee deposited linked insurance, Group term life insurance plan and Single premium level term plan with comprehensive coverage are offered to employees. These group insurance policies offer many benefits such as cover for all new and existing members. It also offers easy administration and payment of assured sum to the dependants on the death of insured employee. These group plans help the employer to attract as well as retain the best talent. These plans also allow adding extra accidental death benefit so beneficiaries of deceased employees will get an additional sum assured at very reasonable premium.

ING Vysya offers variety of investment plans to build wealth for life with good future. Prospering life SP is a single premium plan which offers returns for long term with a single contribution. You can build wealth for life under this plan by paying once. Market shield investment plan offers guaranteed returns even in a fluctuating market. Uttam Jeevan regular premium plan will help you to save for your child’s education or for down payment for purchasing a new house. Powering life investment plan offers you cover for life and your family will get long term financial security.

ING Vysya offers most affordable as well as inexpensive term life plans with life insurance cover. These term plans offer flexibility to choose policy period for 10 to 30 years. You can pay premium for single time or in regular intervals as per you financial conditions for the term plans. The company offers guaranteed protection for children under children’s plans. Child protection plan provides assured sum to child against the death of parent and future premiums are also waived. For more details about risk factors, conditions and terms read the brochure of policy carefully before deciding it. It also offers periodical bonus on some insurance plans.