Indiafirst Life

IndiaFirst Life term insurance policy plan is appropriate for the young crowd who wants to protect their family from possible eventualities.

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Indiafirst Annuity Plan

Indiafirst offers traditional annuity plan for steady income as long as policyholder lives.

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Secure Save Plan

Secure Save Plan of IndiaFirst is an endowment plan. This is very safe and basic form of investment along with additional life coverage.

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Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance plan is a very important aspect of one’s life considering the exorbitant amount charged at hospitals. 

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Smart Save Plan

Smart Save Plan of India First proposes an insurance cover for the life.

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Young India Plan

IndiaFirst has introduced Young India Plan that offers protection and financial security for the child’s future. 

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Pure Investment Plan

Pure Investment plan is a long term investment plan which additionally offers protection to the policy holders.

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Monthly Income Plan

IndiaFirst has come up with monthly income plan which has lots of attractive features.

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Insurance is the need of today’s era but many people feel its cumbersome activity to get proper and cheaper insurance plans. Hence, IndiaFirst has introduced plans which are easy to understand for a common man. Efficient services and affordable plans have satisfied many customers all over the country.

While serving easy plans, IndiaFirst has introduced different types of plans such as employee benefit plans, group credit life plan, money back health insurance plan, annuity plan, simple life plan, smart save plan, young India plan and many more. The basis of every plan is to provide safeguard against the uncertainties of the life but each plan has specific use. Considering health is the primary aspect of your life and hence money back health insurance plan offers you comprehensive hospital benefits. This plan even returns your saving if there will not be any claim. Such health plans can be beneficial in the event of sudden illness requiring long treatment or major surgery. Another critical issue is the child’s education and secure future. Young India plan has been designed in such a way that it will secure the child’s future even in the absence of parents. This plan offers returns to the child at regular intervals to help him attain the important levels of his career.

There are many plans offered by IndiaFirst that fall into various categories. Secure save plan is the type of plan where you can dream about best education, perfect house as well as latest car. This plan enables you to save systematically from your current income through the contribution of regular premiums. The premium amount can be decided as per the individual’s payment capacity. Group credit life plan is another plan where you will get protection for the loan liabilities. This plan helps you in reducing the burden of the loan liabilities. Being in a group or an organisation is always helpful for every individual of that group. Group term plan provides protection for a group which may be for all employees of an organisation or the group of customers of a company. Unit linked plans are also available where you can get the benefit from equity market. The company offers good returns by investing your money in the right fund. You can also switch your investments amongst the various funds offered by the company.

The strong customer support system of IndiaFirst has made it popular and trustworthy company. This company has got ISO certification just within a period 7 months.