Pure Term Plan

Pure term plan of Canara HSBC caters specifically to those people who are looking for securing the lifestyles.

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Secure Smart Plan

Secure smart plan is a ULIP insurance plan with highest NAV guarantee option.

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Dream Smart Plan

Dream Smart Plan has the flexible features which is designed to help your financial necessities.

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Future Smart Plan

This child plan is one amongst the many Canara life insurance plans. It is a unit linked child plan that provides a long-term opportunity of investment.

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Guaranteed Plan

Guaranteed Plan is a ULIP insurance plan with highest NAV guarantee option. It means that, if the investments are positive and, the NAV at maturity term is higher.

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Canara HSBC

Canara HSBC was established in 2008 to deliver the better insurance solutions for the community. Canara HSBC is joint venture of Canara Bank, HSBC insurance and Oriental Bank of Commerce. Rural banks in different parts of India have tied up with the company to provide better insurance solutions for their customer in rural India. Online payment option, tracking of application status and many more useful links have been included on the company’s website. It offers quick and convenient transactions. 

The company has a wide range of insurance plans to serve each class of society. They are offering various individual as well as group plans. Individual plans help investors to carry out their investment in a smart way. This provides better flexibility too. Different plans are designed as per the requirement of entire customer base. Individual plans consist of  grow smart plan, dream smart plan, secure smart plan, pure term plan, future smart plan and insure smart plan. All these plans are unit linked plans. These plans also assure guarantee in case of fall in market rates along with providing financial support. Group life insurance plans provide protection to you and your customer’s insurance needs. If you want to offer low cost insurance to your customer then group term plan will help you to achieve your goal. A non-linked product which helps in funding at the time of retirement helps the employer to support their group members. Life cover at affordable rate is another important feature of corporate group term plan.

While choosing unit linked plans, you can calculate the fund value of the plan. You can also check the performance of each fund and visualize the benefits of the particular fund. NAV value of each fund mentioned on the company’s website helps you to invest as per your budget. Canara HSBC has introduced immediate payout on death claim registration. It has made the claim procedure easy and trouble free. In this case, the claimant will receive the fund value before completing the formalities. You can locate your nearest branch of the company using locator by mentioning your address details. SMS alert is another service provided by the company for its customers where the customer will receive the fund details through SMS. Online services offered by the company values the privacy of every customer’s personal detail. The data provided by you will be secured in a safe way and would not be misused in any case.