Level Term Plan

AegonReligare is one of the newest entries in the insurance market. This is a pure term insurance plan with some amazing extra benefits suiting the lifestyle of today’s individuals.

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Insta Pension Plan

AEGON religare insta pension plan offers high returns on vesting date with bonus.This pension plan offers flexibility to select payment mode such as single, monthly, half-yearly or yearly.

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Health Plan

Aegon Religare health care plan is a simple and cost-effective health plan. There are various benefits which are unique.

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Endowment Plan

As one has no control over his or her future, one has to look for policies and plans to secure one's future.

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Rising Star Plan

Aegon Religare has come up with Rising Star Plan which helps in securing the future. The key features of this plan are Auto-rebalancing.

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Money Back Plan

Money back plan covers the policy holder for 10 years by paying premium only for 5 years. It is always enjoyable to get back what you give and even more enjoyable to get something extra.

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Imaximize Plan

Aegon Religare iMaximize Plan offers unit linked plan which gives good return on your investment.

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Aegon Religare

Aegon Religare has expanded its operation in India since 2008. The company was started with a vision to cater better insurance products to serve the community. The affordable range of products along with customized advice gives more flexibility and reliability while selecting their products.  

Through the medium of life insurance, Aegon Religare provides life cover at affordable rates. Different plans available with company protect you against financial failures. The guidelines mentioned on the official website of the company will help in choosing the right policy for your family. This includes retirement solutions too. Unit linked insurance plans are also catered by Aegon Religare. These plans give maximum benefit and are long-term plans in nature. Different types of plans include future protect plan, future protect plus plan, future protect premier plan, assure plan, assure plus plan and imaximize plan. The specialty of this unit linked insurance plans is that these plans are the great mixture of investment and protection. Saving plans are also catered by Aegon Religare where one can save as well as grow the invested money. Like other plans of the company, they have also made different types of saving plans that cater needs of every customer. Different saving plans include money back plus plan, money back plan, endowment plan and endowment advantage plan. Money back plans give bonus once in 6th or 8th year. Endowment plans support the family of insured in case of unfortunate death of the insured.

Term plans or the protection plans from the company will provide protection in case of unfortunate event for the insured. This type of plans provides better flexibility and reduces your burden of future responsibilities. Different types of term plans include level term plan, increasing term plan, decreasing term plan, group term plan, rural term plan, group credit life plan and iterm plan. All these plans would be useful to make you stress free in today’s uncertain world. Child insurance plans are also catered by Aegon Religare. Child insurance plans offer waiver on future premiums in case of death of insured during the policy period. Hence, child plans help you to secure your child’s future in case of your absence too. Quick and efficient claim procedure helps claimant at each step. Fair service offered by the company fulfills the need of every customer at every step. Investment details, NAV rates along with the proper guidelines have been given on the official website of the company.