Term insurance

Term insurance is the cheapest insurance as compared to other life insurances. This policy covers you for certain period of time or specified terms of the years at very low premium. 

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Child plan

Child plan secure future of your child as well as offer the financial security for his education. Most child insurance plans are designed for education benefits..

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Money back

Money back policy provides good returns on the investment. This policy also provides insurance protection to you and your family member.

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Monthly income

To protect your monthly income properly, monthly income plans will be beneficial. You can choose the type of plan as per your monthly income.

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Investment plan

Insurance investment plan provide financial security as well as protects you from uncertainties of life. These plans offer lot of benefits and come with excellent features.

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Hospitalisation plan

The hospitalisation plans work on the treatment payout basis as well as lump sum payout basis. These plans can be availed for the whole family.

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Guaranteed plan

The guaranteed plan would help you save money for your future expenses like marriage, children education and also as your post retirement fund.

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Pension plan

Pension plans must be availed at early age so that you can get better pension by paying lower premium.

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Life insurance companies

Top Life insurance companies. LIC, SBI Life, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and more.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is must for any primary earner of the family. This policy will take care of your dependents even when you are not there to take care of them. Hence you can protect your family from future financial trouble because of your sudden death. In case of death of the insured during the policy period, insurer will provide some specific amount to the beneficiaries. The return is in cash and that is non-taxable. You will find different types of life insurance plans such as term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance and many others. The term insurance will be offered at the low premium. This type of life insurance will offer the life cover to the insured for certain specific term as decided in the policy. If you are the only earning person of the family and you have dependants upon you, then you need this policy very much. If you ask for more coverage, you will get maximum returns against your policy.

You will get other benefits for your family’s future requirements such as education of your children, income at the time of disability and even the cover at the time of critical illness. Your nominees can claim policy for your natural or accidental death. They will not be entitled for any benefits when you will die unnatural death such as committing suicide. If fortunately you will sustain policy period, then you will get monetary benefits in your old age days. These insurance policies are designed by experts considering your needs. Some insurance plans provide fixed amount after your death to your nominee. The Life Insurance policy comes with different options such as five year plan, ten year plan and so on. Premium is high for shorter periods as compare to long period. You can pay premium on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis as per your convenience.

Life insurance policy requires minimum documents such as your age proof and address proof. We will help you to find out best deal at best prices. All insurance companies provide free quotes on their official website and you can download them at free of cost. Our expert team will help you to analyse these quotes as well as help you to understand complicated terms of the Life Insurance policy. Claims are settled very fast with effective system and you can apply for claim online also. We will ensure you about best service and will forward your application to correct insurer within proper time period.