Hospitalisation Plan

The life insurance cover works on the concept of providing life cover to the insurer. In the instance of demise of the policy holder, it offers definite amount to the family members. In case, if sole bread winner of the family is critically ill, then the family income is affected to the maximum. Apart from that, the treatment costs will increase and the savings will become less. This in turn will result in a very pathetic situation. In order to protect you from such kind of circumstances, the insurance companies have introduced Hospitalisation plan or Critical illness cover which cut down the major expenses and make you stay comfortable in difficult times.

The hospitalisation plans work on the treatment payout basis as well as lump sum payout basis. These plans can be availed for the whole family. Many insurance companies offer the cover for the entire family in a single policy. The benefits of such plan are extended to spouse, children and dependent parents too. The Hospitalisation Plan is based on the factors like daily hospital allowance, critical illnesses covered, surgeries covered, other medical expenses covered and the term of the cover. Most of the plans are offered only for 3 years or 5 years period. In case of an uninterrupted policy cover, the plan has to be renewed on completion of the policy term.  

The insurance companies offer the online application and renewal of the policy for added convenience. There are certain terms and conditions which you need to study before making a final decision on the policy. In the initial stages, the pre-existing diseases are not covered under such plans for a certain period. The list of illnesses covered mostly differs from one insurance company to other. The general critical illnesses covered under Hospitalisation Plan are stroke, heart attack, organ transplants, kidney failure and many other such diseases that are critical in nature and require long term treatments. The details of the coverage are offered on the official website of the company and can be checked online. If you don’t want to face all these hassles then you can take our expert’s help to get the best cover. We will get you the comparison of all the available plans and also help you get the best negotiated premium. We will also connect you to the insurance company for further formalities. We are here to save your money and make sure that you get the best at lowest premiums.