Guaranteed Plan

Life insurance is being offered by several companies and hence you have a wide range of plans for selection. The guaranteed plan is also one such plan that offers you the protection against all odds and at the same time offers good returns on your investment. This type of plan is the kind of traditional insurance plan, where the premium is fixed at the beginning of the term and the returns are also decided. This type of insurance plan is not market linked, and you don’t have to depend on the ups and downs of the market for your returns. This plan is safe as you can plan your future with the returns that you will be getting. The returns would be in the form of guaranteed bonus along with the return of the premium amount as well as sum assured.

The guaranteed plan would help you save money for your future expenses like marriage, children education and also as your post retirement fund. This type of plan is offered for 10 to 30 years of the term and can be availed at very low premium. Apart from taking care of your future expenses, this Guaranteed Plan will offer the life cover too. If the death of the insured occurs due to unforeseen reasons, then the insurer will pay the sum assured as predefined in the policy. Some of these guaranteed plans will also offer you returns at the regular intervals. You can plan these periodic returns at major stages of your life. You can also save on tax as per the current income tax laws. The premium payment can be made on monthly, quarterly, annually and even on single premium basis depending on the policy terms of the company.

The terms and conditions for the plan vary from insurer to insurer and to find the best insurance policy requires lot of hard work, but you don’t need to worry as we will help you compare the policies from all the reputed insurance providers at the click of a button. You can really save your hard earned money through us as we will fetch you the best deal in terms of premium as well as returns. Once you select the plan, we will connect you to the provider of that Guaranteed Plan through quick and easy process. You may visit the respective website for further formalities or they will also send an agent to your doorsteps.