Fixed Deposit

The right investment of your hard earned money is very much necessary to have security for the future. The investment options are plenty and you can take the help of our experts to find the best investment plan. The fixed deposit is one such investment that will offer you the investment option for the fixed term. The fixed deposit is therefore known as term deposit too. The fixed deposit option is offered by various nationalised as well as private sector banks. We will help you go through the fixed deposit plans offered by all these banks to find out the best plan that will offer you the maximum interest. The fixed deposit interest usually varies as per the term of the deposit. You can select the term based on your income requirements.

The higher studies for children and the wedding expenses are the main consideration for any household in India. You can keep the term of your fixed deposit such that you get the lump sum funds along with the interest when you will require it most. Another option offered by the fixed deposit plan is for the senior citizens. The fixed deposit interest for the senior citizens is usually higher than the young aged ones. The senior citizens can make a Fixed Deposit of their provident fund money. They can make a fixed deposit where the interest can be withdrawn on the monthly or quarterly basis. Thus, proper planning will get them the feel of regular income with their PF money. Another important feature of the fixed deposit is that the bank also offers loan facility on the fixed deposit. Hence, even if you won’t withdraw the funds from fixed deposit before maturity you will get liquidity. The overdraft facility can also be availed on the fixed deposit. The overdraft facility will let you make withdrawals and deposits as per your convenience and the interest will be charged only for the funds you spend.

The fixed deposits are considered safe investment option from years. Thus, we have also made it a point that you get best rate of interest when you form your Fixed Deposit through us. We have negotiated the special rates with all reputed banks and you can also compare the plans offered by each bank on our website. We will be glad to have an e-application from your side and would ensure that it reaches the concerned bank on time.