Demat Account


The demat account is one type of bank account just like other popular accounts such as savings account and current account. All other accounts are required for transactions like cash deposit and cash withdrawal or cheque transactions. Similarly, the demat account is used to buy and sell stocks.  The demat account stands for dematerialised account. It operates in the same manner as other accounts do. The only difference is that the transactions of shares take place in this account. This account keeps the record of the stocks that you buy and its market value too. You can deposit the cash to this account directly, through cheque or even online from other account. Once, you have enough cash in your account then you can buy the stocks of your choice. Whatever shares you have in your account are recorded and when you add some more shares of the same company to it then it is automatically adjusted. Thus, you don’t need to keep a record on your own and even there is no need to maintain the share certificates physically. Hence, apart from offering you the convenience in purchasing it will also offer convenience in maintenance.

The demat account offers you the service of buying the shares through online transaction. The market rate of the share at the time of your purchase will be considered as the cost of your shares. Similarly, the market rate on the date and time of sale will be considered for the selling. The Demat Account also offer online service and you can carry out all these transactions online easily through internet. The banks charge nominal percentage on each of your transaction. We will find you the demat account service that will charge minimum on your transaction and at the same time offer the best service.

You can compare the demat accounts from various banks through us. Our expert team will help you select the best service from the various available options. You may also apply online through us to avail the demat accounts from the reputed banks. We will forward your Demant Account application to the concerned bank online and in case the online application won’t be accepted by the bank, we will also forward the hard copy. We have negotiated the best for you and you can get these benefits by applying through us. All you have to do is fill up the application form through us and the rest of the worries are ours.