If you are using the broadband connection to have an uninterrupted internet access then timely monthly bill payments may also become your responsibility. You must pay your monthly bills on time on regular basis so that your broadband services don’t get interrupted due to non-payment of bills. The prepaid account holders don’t get the services until they buy their recharge voucher. At the same time, the post-paid customers will be charged with late payment charges on non-payment of bill. Also if the bill won’t be paid for a longer time then the services will be temporarily barred. So, what are you waiting for? You can now forget all these hassles and pay your broadband bill through us. Your bill will be paid online from your own account without making you stand in queue for hours. You will never miss your bill payments as you will receive regular alerts.

The broadband bill can be paid online from your existing bank account as almost all private sector and nationalised banks offer this facility for their esteemed customers. You can either select the option of paying the bills online after viewing the bill. In this option you get full control over your payments as you can make the payment only if you find the bill correct. Another convenient payment option is opting for the auto payment option. The auto payment option would make the Broadband bill payment as soon as it is generated. You will get an option of setting the upper payment limit in this auto payment system. The bank will not make payment for the bills that will exceed the upper limit of the bill. This way you get control over your payments even in auto payment option. The bills higher than the upper limit set by you will be paid only after your approval.

You can apply for utility bill payment service through us. We will take your e-application to add any number of bills in your online utility payment option. You can compare the services along with the terms and conditions through us. We will support you compare all the available Broadband bill payment options at one place. You can pay your bills through the most secured and safe payment option. If the e-application for availing the utility bill payment service won’t be accepted by the bank then we will submit the hard copy of your application to the respective bank.