Vijaya Bank

Vijaya bank is nationalised bank with more than 1190 branches in all 28 states of India. This bank offers wide range of services to the farmers and special schemes for women. Bank offers short term loans to the farmers for raising crops, plantation and horticulture. Interest rates for agricultural loans are very low. It also offers loans for purchasing of agricultural implements and machinery such as iron ploughs, sugarcane crushers, hand tools thresher machines and sprayers. It offers loans for other activities like bee keeping, poultry, fishery, dairy and piggery. They also provide loan to agri clinic, agri business and bio gas plants. This bank is truly farmer’s bank and is fulfilling their financial needs from more than 80 years. It offers financial loans to women in non-farm development activities as well as for marketing of non-farm products of rural women. It has always helped rural women by providing lowest interest rate loans.

Vijaya Bank offers credit facilities to minority community and has upgraded their living standards up to great extent. It provides loans for different government sponsored schemes such as prime minister’s Rozgar Yojana and many others at very competitive interest rates. This way bank helps the unemployed youth of nation. It offers savings accounts to individuals with lowest minimum balance scheme. This lowest minimum balance is different for rural as well as urban customers. Vijaya Bank also offer different loans such as home loan, vehicle loan and educational loan to the urban customers. You will find number of exciting deposit schemes and investment plans with higher returns. These deposit schemes are available for different periods. The investment plans offered by bank come with tax exemption benefits. Bank serves customers with wide network of ATM centres located at every corner of nation. If you demand safe deposit lockers then bank will provide them with minimum service charges.

Bank offers various deposit schemes for NRI customers with good returns. Vijaya Bank also offers housing loans and loans against securities to the NRI consumers. Bank offers services from rural customers to global customers. You will find merchant banking with online trading facilities. Mobile banking and internet banking make it easy to operate account from any part of the country. Vijaya Bank offers special loan schemes to serving as well as retired defence personnel with insurance coverage. This way bank serves every section of nation and treats all class as well as age equally. You can contact on helpline number for any queries at any time.