UCO Bank

UCO bank was established in 1943 and has strong network of 2000 branches all over India. It has started its overseas operation with a large as well as diversified client base. The bank has introduced number of deposit schemes with high returns such as Laxshmi Yojana, Kuber Yojana, special schemes for senior citizens and many others. These deposit schemes are specially designed to meet future financial interest of people. Such deposit schemes offer best returns to senior citizens and women as compared to other banks. You can deposit your hard earned money for the period of 1 to 10 years as per your convenience. Bank has also introduced internet banking and you can operate your account from any part of India. Bank offers the facility of online share trading with minimum service charges. Savings accounts offer good interest rates and offer free ATM cum debit card to account holder.

This bank offers various loans to the individuals such as home loan, car loan and education loan with reasonable interest rates. The loan procedure is very simple and requires minimum formalities. UCO Bank also offers loan against gold or fixed deposit at attractive interest rates and fulfils the financial needs of customers. Pensioner’s loans come with very low margin interest rates and offer financial help to pension receiving people in their old age. Bank also offers special loan schemes named as Nari Shakti with competitive interest rates. These loans help women start small business units and help them to stand on their own feet. UCO Bank considers financial needs of all age persons and tries to fulfil it. Bank also offers loans to small business units for their expansion plans. Current accounts come with free money transfer facility throughout India. Current accounts are specially designed to fulfill need of business establishments.

UCO Bank also offers NRI banking considering their different needs. NRI banking offers savings accounts with good interest rates on savings. This banking also offers fixed deposit schemes with tax exemption to the customers. NRI account holders also receive loans against their fixed deposit with competitive interest rates. They also offer international banking with facilities of foreign currency loans to the importer or exporter and correspondent banking services at very low service charges. UCO Bank has base of millions of consumers from individual or business sector. Bank is committed to serve the customers with world class customer service. It also offers loans to agricultural sector to strengthen the rural economy.