State Bank of Mysore

State bank of Mysore is established in 1913 and has strong network of more than 690 branches across the country.  This national bank offers the wide range of services to the customers. You will find lots of deposit schemes such as Saral saving bank accounts, recurring deposit, term deposit, Harsha deposit and many such deposits for different periods. These deposit schemes offer good returns to the customers. This bank offers e-banking facility and you can operate your account from any part of India. You can pay your bills through mobile banking at any time. Mobile banking is available 24 X 7. The bank has developed the strong network of more than 21,000 ATM machines in every part of nation. These facilities come with minimum service charges and offers best customer service to the customers. This bank has strong customer base both in rural as well as urban area.

This bank offers different loans such as home loan, car loan, educational loan as well as loan against gold to fulfil the financial needs of the customers. These loans come with attractive interest rates and less formalities. Bank offers easy and simple loan process for the benefit of the customers. You can also do online shopping with debit cards and you will get information about each transaction on your mobile. State Bank of Mysore also offers online railway ticket reservation to its customers. You can also purchase gold coin from the bank as per market rates. Bank offers safe deposit lockers with reasonable service charges at its every branch. You can get free ATM cum debit card on opening of account. Bank also offers loans to corporate houses for their financial requirements. Current accounts with money transfer facility from any part of India are specially designed to fulfil business transactions.

You can manage your account from anywhere with the help of internet banking. This bank offers international banking to help NRIs and also provides savings accounts with money transfer facilities from all over the world. These NRI account holders get loans against their deposited money. Bank offers many deposit schemes for the senior citizens and women with higher returns. Bank also offers special saving accounts for the students with minimum balance. State Bank of Mysore provides low interest rate loans to the farmers and helps to strengthen the rural economy. Agricultural loans are available for purchasing of tractors as well as harvesting systems like rain water management and sprinkler sets.