SBI (State Bank of India)

Since 1973 State Bank of India is providing banking business for their customers and it has the branches throughout the country. Different services which can help their customer include home loan, educational loan, gold loan and car loan. These loans help the customers to get their necessities. Internet banking option made life easy as you can do the transaction by sitting at the home or in office. While offering different types of loans, SBI charges competitive interest rates. Interbank service is the special service provided by bank which enables the customer to transfer the funds from one bank to other bank. Foreign branches in different countries fulfil the need of foreign customers. To strengthen the Indian economy these foreign branches help in other way too.

State Bank of India is known to have the highest number of branches the customers of rural India can also avail the benefit of their services. Having customer satisfaction as the main aim, the experienced staff of the bank helps people in every task. Security deposit scheme is very flexible and it is available from 15 days to 10 years. You can even take loan against your deposits and you can withdraw 90% amount of your deposit amount. Deposit transfer from one branch to another branch is easily acceptable. Corporate sector can also avail the benefit from State Bank of India, as they offer different types of financial services for the domestic and international customers. Different products related to finance sector such as corporate loans help corporate people to grow their business. Different facilities either fund based or non-fund based, proprietary concerns and partnership firms get proper guidance from the bank which will help them to grow their business.

While catering the needs of landless labourers and agriculturists, bank has expanded their network through more than 8750 semi-urban and rural branches. These branches help in many agricultural activities such as horticulture, crop production, farm mechanisation, reclamation, land development, well digging and many more. Even dairy farms, poultries, silk worm projects also get help from these branches. Along with the agriculture linkage bank also has linkage with government linkage. The specialty of this bank is every common man has easy access and anyone can rely on them for the banking related services. State Bank of India has also provided special schemes for the pensioners and being a senior citizen they can avail the benefit of their all the services. Senior citizen will also get more interest on their deposits.