SBH (State Bank of Hyderabad)

State Bank of Hyderabad offers great banking services which include internet banking, mobile banking etc. Secure deposit schemes help their customers to get the protection for their savings along with the competitive interest rates. Recurring deposit scheme enables the customer to invest on monthly basis and the minimum amount is just 100 rupees. Personal advances offered by bank include personal loan, educational loan, housing loan and loan against your liabilities. To help the customers to meet the expenses of their children’s marriage 100% loan amount on UTI, NSCs, TDRs and KVPs will be provided by the bank. The amount offered ranges between 50,000 to 3 lakhs.

Comprehensive facilities offered by bank will be beneficial for the importers, exporters and NRIs through their different branches. Money gram is the facility provided by this international banking which will be useful in money transfer using internet technology. Every recipient can do only 12 remittances per year. Personal remittances and remittances against foreign tourists who visit India will be allowed under this agreement.

Secure transaction between one bank to another bank will take place and high value up to 1 lakh will be allowed by State Bank of Hyderabad. Electronic money transfer will be done with full speed and GPRT is another facility that allows the transaction from other State Bank group bank too. To avail the benefit of these services along with the IFSC code customer need to submit the beneficiary name and account number. Merchant banking is the product of State bank of Hyderabad which offers different depository schemes, bonds and debentures for the corporate agents.

Kisan credit card scheme helps farmer to revolve cash. Accidental death, permanent disability cover up to 50,000 will be allowed under this scheme. With the help of this scheme farmer can purchase agricultural equipments. Even farmers can get loan for construction of cold storages and warehouses. Transportation loan to purchase power tillers, tractors, harvesters, trailers, two wheelers and bullock carts is also available. Irrigation loans for minor irrigation, lift irrigation, drip irrigation, pump sets, sprinklers, tube wells and for other irrigation systems are also available. 

Different services like demat services, ATM services, mobile banking and internet banking have provided an ease of banking for their customers. Safe deposit lockers will be provided by State Bank of Hyderabad that will be useful to keep your valuables safely. The rates fixed for these lockers are different for rural and urban customers.