State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur

State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur is serving nation from more than 50 years with efficient and satisfactory banking service. This nationalized bank offers wide range of services to the customers. This bank has more than 890 branches all over India. It offers saving accounts for individuals with minimum balance requirement and ATM cum debit card facility. These saving accounts are very easy to operate and offer 25 free cheques per annum. This bank provides facility for students over 10 years of age to open saving account on his own name. You can also ask for safe deposit lockers, which requires least deposit. This bank also offers special schemes for senior citizens with higher interest rates for period of 1 to 10 years. Tax saver deposit scheme is available for any citizen of India. Bank has set up wide network of more than 20,000 ATM centres at every corner of the nation. Mobile ATM on the call is one of the popular features of this bank.

International banking offers dealing in all currencies with capability to handle transactions in all time zones. This type of banking offers competitive exchange rates to importer and exporter. Bank also offers various current accounts for corporate banking. These current accounts have different deposit charges for rural and urban area. Bank offers loans against mortgage such as funding of normal working capital and shifting to new premises or expansion.  The State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur has always treated its customers equally whether it is from urban or rural area. Bank also offers internet banking and you can manage your account from anywhere. Mobile banking and online trading are other services with lower service charges. Bank is committed to offer best customer service to its customers. This bank has introduced many welfare deposit schemes for women and uplifts their life.

The State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur has wide customer base in urban as well as rural area. Bank has introduced many facilities for farmers such as kisan credit card scheme or kisan gold card scheme. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur offers loans for purchase of tractors too. It also offers loan for irrigation schemes such as wells, bore wells and pump sets, for lining water courses, sprinkler sets, drip sets and rain water harvesting schemes. You can also ask for daily loan or poultry loan. They offer various loans with fewer formalities and at competitive rate of interest.