Punjab National Bank

The Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest banks of India. This bank was started in 1895 and since then served the customers with the best customer service and has become the People’s Bank. The bank works for every area of the banking service like social banking, corporate banking, personal banking, MSME banking, international banking and agricultural banking. The personal banking sector of the bank comprises of various depositary schemes and loan services. Punjab National Bank offers the Doorstep Banking Service for the registered customers. The customers that register for this kind of services will get the cash collection and cash delivery facility at their doorsteps. This ensures the safety of the customers.

The Capital Gain Accounts Scheme – 1988 is also available with the bank. The current account facility from bank comes as a smart roamer and regular current account facility. The roamer account lets the account holder to get the benefit from the unutilised funds of the account. The funds that are not utilised for certain period can be turned to fixed deposit for higher returns. The Punjab National Bank offers Sweep In and Sweep Out service. You get the advantage of utilising the funds whenever you need it. The account also offers the roaming feature where you can operate the account from any of the Punjab National Bank branches.

The savings account scheme for the students studying in the recognised institutes is also available with the bank. The Vidyarthi Savings Fund Account from Punjab National Bank offers the overdraft facility to the students staying away from their home. They also have an overdraft facility available for the pensioners. This scheme is extended to only those pensioners who are withdrawing their pensions from the branches of Punjab National Bank. The PNB Global Credit Card service is accepted at more than 29 million merchant establishments. It is the ideal thing to carry as you get the access to more than 1 million VISA ATMs all over the world. It will offer the power to your wallet and you will never face cash crunch with this card in your wallet.

Apart from these, the bank has also come up with a prepaid World Travel Card. This type of card can be charged in Euro, US $ and British £. You can carry this card to any part of the world without worrying about the traveller’s cheque or the local currency. It is also widely accepted globally.