Bank of India

Bank of India is one of the trusted banks amongst various nationalised and private sector banks of India. The bank offers all types of retail, business and online services to its customers from Indian origin. The bank has also included various schemes specially planned for the NRIs too. The NRI deposit schemes, home loan schemes and yield enhancing schemes are benefiting many NRIs all over the world. The NRI deposit scheme offers Non-Resident External (NRE) Accounts and Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) accounts. The bank has double benefit deposit scheme for its customers. This deposit will fetch more returns compared to other deposit schemes. The interest is compounded on the quarterly basis in this type of deposit. The accrued interest is returned at the end of the complete term. Other than these, the bank offers deposit schemes like quarterly deposit, short deposit, recurring deposit and monthly deposit.

The gift card offered by Bank of India serves all your gifting needs. This card comes out very handy when you don’t know what to gift. The amount ranging from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 50000/- can be gifted through this card. The gift card can be used at all VISA merchant establishments. This gift card can be activated at nominal cost and comes with one year validity. The Bank of India has also introduced gold coins made of 24 carat, 999.9 pure gold. The customers can purchase gold coins of 4 gms to 50 gms weight from the bank. The savings account, current account and demat account are amongst the regular banking services availed by the customers. The savings account is offered with ATM cum Debit card for cash withdrawal and online payments. The basic no frill savings account from the bank comes with zero balance facility for the account holders. This type of basic account also has the debit cum ATM card facility.

The bank’s current account scheme has the normal current account as well as other special schemes like Star benefit CD plus accounts, Star Diamond current account, Current Deposit Plus account, Star Diamond plus account, Star Gold current account and Bank of India (BOI) Super Current Plus account. The customer can select the current account as per his needs as every account comes with different benefits. The online services like internet banking, phone or mobile banking, bill payment, ticket booking, tax payment and the online trading are also offered by Bank of India for complete customer convenience.