Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank that was established in 1923 by renowned freedom fighter and since then it is serving the millions of customers all over the nation. The bank has touched the lives of many people by introducing various savings and credit schemes. They have introduced the deposit plans starting from 7 days maturity till 10 years of maturity. Their deposit plans are designed specifically to serve the need of every Indian. Apart from serving the resident Indians, the bank has taken all possible moves to attract the investments from NRIs and in a way strengthen the Indian economy. The bank with its customer friendly retail and corporate products has expanded its operation to more than 1600 branches all over India. With its interactive websites and wide ATM network, the bank has ensured the best customer service. The online interest calculator is also provided on the website for the further convenience of the customers.

The bank offers loans for all occasions without many hassles. The mortgage loans, housing loans, educational loans, vehicles loans, personal loans and several other loans are conveniently availed by its wide customer base. Andhra bank also offers the loans against KVPs, NSCs or LIC policies. For those looking forward to avail the loan for non-agricultural purposes, Andhra Bank has special loan scheme against gold too. The other services offered by the bank are AB BillPay, internet banking, mobile banking, online tax payment, online trading and many such services to make your life convenient. The online tax payment relieves you from all the worries of tax payment. The bank also offers the loans and advances to small, medium and large businesses. They offer the project appraisal service with the help of the qualified professionals. The professionals with the rich experience in varied fields will help the corporate by offering loan and also review their business plans.

Andhra Bank has always treated all class and tasks with equality. Apart from offering loans to the corporate, the bank has also planned the best for the agricultural industry. Andhra Bank offer agricultural credit for short and long term. The bank has also worked hard for women empowerment and has plans specially designed for women. They have also established a special help group for women. Other than these, the bank has lot to offer to its customers with its customer friendly savings account, demat account and current account. The insurance and mutual funds offered by the bank are also very competitive.