Allahabad Bank

The Allahabad Bank that started in Allahabad is now having its branches all over the country and also overseas. This joint stock bank is the oldest of its kind in the country. The bank with its wide network throughout the country offers wide range of commercial as well as personal banking products. The bank has reached all class of people with its innovative product line. They have various plans in credit, loan and investment banking.

The fixed deposit schemes offered by the bank are specially planned to offer the best to the women, senior citizens and working class. The tax benefit is also taken care of under the fixed deposit scheme by Allahabad Bank. They also have the special plan for children. The premium current account offered by the bank has lower limit for minimum account balance. This account also offers special discounts on the service charges and processing fees. The bank has always taken care of its customers from rural as well as urban areas equally. They have kept the minimum fund criteria different for rural and urban areas. This has helped it to reach every area of the country.

The premium Savings Bank account from Allahabad Bank offers the international ATM cum Debit card. The account holder is also provided with the personal accident insurance. The account holders are given the cheque book with their name printed on it. If possible the bank will also provide safe deposit lockers to the account holders on the priority basis.

The Allahabad Bank will take care of your loan related needs too. They offer various loans at competitive rate of interest and fewer formalities. The housing loan, car loan and education loan are the basic loans offered to the customers. They also offer personal loans for all those unexpected expenses. The Bank has special personal loans for doctors and pensioners. The furnishing loan, rent loan and gold loan are the other loans that are offered for further customer convenience. They also offer reverse mortgage scheme that is ideal for the senior citizens having their own property and need money. This loan is offered when the residual life of the property is more than 20 years.

The bank has lot to offer to its wide customer base. The Kisan credit card offered by the bank has given lot of monetary strength to the farmers of the country. Allahabad Bank has innumerable products for all class, gender and age of people.